What campus are you focusing your research on?

What campus are you focusing your research on?

What campus are you focusing your research on? 150 150 Nyagu

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Part one :

In the first part of the term project assignment, you are going to begin the process of investigating what kinds of plant/plant ecology focused research is happening at different colleges and universities. in USA any state doesn’t matter maybe California since I live in California, and answer part one by itself then part two by itself

What campus are you focusing your research on? (This can be where you are hoping/planning to transfer, but it doesn’t have to be.)
What are some of the biology and biology related programs on this campus that might relate to plant biology, plant science, and/or plant ecology? (You can also include marine biology research that is focused on algae and kelp, if you would like.)
What program are you going to focus on investigating?
What are the names of some of the professors whose work looks potentially interesting to you? part two: Recall that in the first part of the project you focused on one campus, focused on one biology-related major/academic program and identified several professors/researchers whose work looked potentially interesting to you. For this next part, I want you to choose one of these professors to focus on – tell me who you’ve chosen, what their primary field is (this is usually a few words to one sentence on a department website for example) and when and where they got their most advanced degree.Provide a description of their areas of research interest – you can cut and paste in a description from their website if you wish.Then explain what you found interesting about their research interests and why you think this work is important/worth focusing on.