Week 9 Discussion: Health Care Policies 2

Week 9 Discussion: Health Care Policies 2

Week 9 Discussion: Health Care Policies 2 150 150 Peter

Week 9 Discussion: Health Care Policies 2

Step 1: Consider a problem related to health that impacts society that is important to address. Why do you believe this problem is important to society in general? Use data to explain your reasons. Outline a policy recommendation to address this problem, Why do you suppose that this policy would be successful in addressing the problem? What impact in health outcomes do you expect to see if the policy is enacted?

Sample Paper

Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) in the USA

Why the Problem is Important to Society

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a significant health issue that consists of ailments related to the heart and associated blood vessels. World Health Organization reports that an estimate of 17.9 million people succumbed to CVDs related conditions globally. Statistics reveal that the leading cause of mortalities in the USA is heart disease, constituting above a quarter of total deaths in the country annually (Wall et al., 2018). Heart-related diseases attribute to sedentary and behavioural lifestyles that can be regulated through diet regulation, physical activity, and alcohol and tobacco consumption avoidance. This health issue is crucial to society since it is deadly. Yet, the causes of the ailments can be regulated if people learn to take good care of their hearts by watching their health status, regulating diet and any consumption of harmful substances, general physical activity as advised by cardiologists.

Policy Recommendation to Address the Problem

The control and management of CVDs rely on national, local, and state government’s immediate intervention strategies. The Million Hearts 2027, launched in 2017, is a policy enacted under Medicare and Medicaid in collaboration with the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) aimed at implementing evidence-based goals and priorities to enhance cardiovascular health by preventing one million heart attacks and strokes within five years (Wall et al., 2018). The policy works on such priority areas as optimizing heart care, building healthy communities, enhancing health equity, innovating hypertension control exemplars and joining the cardiac rehabilitation collaborative.

Impact of the Policy on Health Outcomes

The Million Hearts 2027 is significant in impacting the health sector in the USA by creating awareness on Cardiac management and safeguarding strategies that save lives from heart diseases and stroke. The policy implementation has led to a decline in heart-related complications. Nurses and other healthcare professionals’ tasks of educating and handling such patients will be eased since cases of CVDs, and consequently, mortalities will be reduced in the USA.


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