(Answered) NUR435 Week 7 Discussion : Workplace Culture and Diversity

(Answered) NUR435 Week 7 Discussion : Workplace Culture and Diversity

(Answered) NUR435 Week 7 Discussion : Workplace Culture and Diversity 150 150 Prisc

NUR435 Week 7 Discussion : Workplace Culture and Diversity

Step 1 Read the article.

Review the article, Managing Generational Diversity in the Hospital Setting (Links to an external site.)

Step 2 Post your response to the discussion board.

Respond to the following question and, if appropriate, include personal experience as part of your answer.

  • The article discusses common threads of safe patient care and optimal patient outcomes. If you were the nurse manager on your unit, how would you use these concepts to work with generational differences?

Sample Answer

Workplace Culture and Diversity

There is a growing demand for healthcare institutions to recognize each patient’s unique needs and ensure that the provision of care is centered toward these needs. Generational diversity has significantly become a necessity in healthcare and entails recognizing and understanding the perceptions of another generation behavior, beliefs and practices. As a Nurse Manager, generational diversity competence will provide a framework for improving the patient health outcome and ensuring patient adherence to the developed care plan.

As a nurse manager, I will adopt the concepts to create a flexible care plan accommodating the lifestyle and behavior of the different generations. Different generations depict significant difference in their relationship with others, activity engagement, and adherence to the set rules (Peck et al., n.d.). Therefore, it is essential to create a care plan is considerate these differences. This will ensure that the services offered to appeal to all generations while incorporating safety, customer service, and team accomplishment.

As a nurse manager, I will use these concepts as guiding principles for planning training programs for the nurses. For instance, in my clinical setting, the nursing staff comprises different generations from the Baby-Boomer to Generation X to Millennial Generation (Peck et al., n.d.). Therefore, it is essential to ensure that nurses are competent and familiar with the needs of patients from different generations. The millennium generation, for instance, should be familiarized with the behavior traits and care needs of the veteran. Through this, the nurses will be familiar with the needs of each patient and so center the delivery of care to meet the unique need of each patient.

The concepts presented will help in the planning of nurse shifts and teams. I will ensure that the nursing teams and shift nurses are from diverse generations. Generational diversity in nursing will play a critical role in addressing unit performance for patients of different age groups. Each generation of nurses will have an input in the caring of the patient received at different times (Peck et al., n.d.). This collaboration between the nurse professionals will effectively address the generational barriers while encouraging the initiation of innovative ways for providing care to patients from different generations.