Week 3 Discussion Post 1: Disability Experience

Week 3 Discussion Post 1: Disability Experience

Week 3 Discussion Post 1: Disability Experience 150 150 Peter

Week 3 Discussion Post 1: Disability Experience

Discuss your experience or encounter with an individual with a disability and talk about your initial reaction toward this person.

If you are unable to have a direct experience of an individual with a disability, you may review the case history of an individual with a disability.

Please address the following:

  • Share what surprised you about this person’s experience.
  • Reflect on an unexpected challenge faced by this individual.
  • Comment on any unique perspective or experience of the individual that is a direct result of disability status.
  • Explain how educators, clinicians, practitioners, and administrators can accommodate unique need(s) of this individual.
  • Share your biggest take-away from conducting this interview (or case review).

Please discuss two to three of the concepts presented in the required text, discussions, or live chats as they connect to the disability and related needs of the interviewee.

NOTE:  The first week’s post was an introduction; this and the remaining posts must be written in academic language with APA-aligned references and in-text citations. Research must be current with the exception of foundational information or concepts that were presented by leaders in the field from an earlier time.

As set forth in the rubric, grading on posts will reflect timeliness of submission, thoroughness of content, use of relevant current peer-reviewed support, use of academic language, and APA aligned formatting. If you need help or are having difficulties because of the pandemic or other life challenge, reach out right away so we can make a plan to help you stay abreast of your learning and submissions.