VNUR30530 Ethics Legislation & Critical Thinking

VNUR30530 Ethics Legislation & Critical Thinking

VNUR30530 Ethics Legislation & Critical Thinking 150 150 Peter

VNUR30530 Ethics Legislation & Critical Thinking

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module covers a range of topics relevant to veterinary nursing practice:
ethics and legislation as applicable to veterinary setting;
review of the regulation and representation of the veterinary professions;
review and application of professional codes of conduct for veterinary nursing and veterinary professionals;
basic research methodology including introductions to the creation of testable hypotheses (Ha and Ho) and intro to statistics commonly used in scientific research studies;
critical thinking in terms of developing the following i) an understanding of research methodologies, ii) an ability to analyse ethical issues arising in veterinary practice and iii) ability to create nursing care plans.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module , students will be able to:

Distinguish between ‘regulatory’ and ‘representative’ bodies’ roles as applicable for the veterinary professions in Ireland
Identify characteristics of various ethical viewpoints
Apply knowledge of the main ethical, legal, & professional ‘code/s of conduct’ considerations used in veterinary (and medical) ethical decision-making
Define common research terms
Recognise and describe different types of research study designs/methods
Describe the nursing process and employ appropriate nursing models as applicable to a patient in a veterinary setting.
Design a nursing care plan applicable for a patient in a veterinary clinical scenario.

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