VNUR10320 Understanding Infect. Diseases

VNUR10320 Understanding Infect. Diseases

VNUR10320 Understanding Infect. Diseases 150 150 Peter

VNUR10320 Understanding Infect. Diseases

Academic Year 2021/2022

Introduction to infectious diseases – Microbiology, Virology and Parasitology

Over the course of this module, students will acquire an understanding of the basic concepts of veterinary microbiology, virology and parasitology. They will be introduced to the most important pathogens of companion animals and livestock and the methods used to detect and control them. Principles of infection control, vaccination, anthelmintic resistance development and antimicrobial susceptibility testing will also be discussed.
In practical classes, students will carry out selected basic serological, bacteriological and parasitological laboratory procedures used in diagnosing infections of veterinary clinical importance.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the module, students should be able to:

Understand the principle and be able to implement infection control measures
Describe the transmission, clinical significance, treatment and control of important bacterial, viral and parasitic agents
Be able to explain basic innate and adaptive host immune defences
Explain the principles of common diagnostic tests including bacterial culture, faecal analysis, serology and molecular assays
Perform selected routine techniques in bacteriology and parasitology

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