VET40330 External & Internal Communication

VET40330 External & Internal Communication

VET40330 External & Internal Communication 150 150 Peter

VET40330 External & Internal Communication

Academic Year 2021/2022

It may be all about location, location, location when deciding on where to open a practice but it is all about communication, communication, communication, once you start trading! Communication is critical to all areas of the business and includes the communication of your vision, as a leader to the rest of the team; marketing your services and products to your clients; promoting your brand and ultimately getting the best out of your practice team/colleagues.

This module covers how good communication leads to improvements in the day-to-day operational management of the practice and in the long-term development of the business.

Each unit will cover one of the main areas that are paramount to the success of any business and will demonstrate how critical good communications are when applied to veterinary practices. The topics covered include leadership and delegation skills; building a successful team through good communications; communicating with your client base; marketing; achieving optimum uptake of services and products and developing a Business Plan for progress.

Good communication can make a huge improvement across all these areas and can have a significant, positive impact on the bottom line too.

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