VET40310 Veterinary Elective Rotation

VET40310 Veterinary Elective Rotation

VET40310 Veterinary Elective Rotation 150 150 Peter

VET40310 Veterinary Elective Rotation

Academic Year 2021/2022

The Veterinary Elective Rotation is a three-week elective period that can be undertaken at any time during the final year of the MVB degree programme. An elective unit is a unit of a students’ choice. The elective period will allow in-depth study of a discipline (clinical or research) or species of interest. Specific electives offered by the School include animal welfare, state medicine-field epidemiology, equine AI and oestrus synchronisation. Students may also choose to spend time outside of the School of Veterinary Medicine engaging in elective projects in specialist veterinary practices, other academic institutions or research laboratories. Prior to commencing any external elective, the elective must be approved and an elective form signed off by an appropriate member of the academic staff. The Elective is a Pass/Fail Module.

Learning Outcomes:

Assessment is based on a student/supervisor negotiation of a Learning Contract based on clinical knowledge and application or other areas of opportunity for learning, particular to the setting where the elective is undertaken.

In addition to these specific learning objectives, a range of Professionalism and Generic Patient Care Objectives are assessed by the Elective Setting Supervisor as follows:

• Works safely in compliance with the health and safety regulations in the placement setting; • Presents self in a professional manner appropriate to the working environment
• Takes responsibility for own learning
• Communicates effectively with other
• Has empathy with client
• Protects the welfare of the animals
• Maintains accurate record
• Demonstrates initiative

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