VET40260 Anaesthesia and Diagnostics Multi Species

VET40260 Anaesthesia and Diagnostics Multi Species

VET40260 Anaesthesia and Diagnostics Multi Species 150 150 Peter

VET40260 Anaesthesia and Diagnostics Multi Species

Academic Year 2021/2022

This is a 5-week module which includes the disciplines of veterinary anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging, clinical and morphological pathology, microbiology and virology of small and large animals. Students will actively participate in the clinical areas by engaging in the following rotations: 2 weeks in anaesthesia, 2 weeks in Diagnostic Imaging and one week in the Para-clinical area. Rotations will be scheduled throughout the year. The rotations will provide extensive opportunities to develop appropriate problem solving, clinical, diagnostic and practical skills.

Additional information about each of the rotations including required reading material and rotation assessment methods will be available through Brightspace.

Learning Outcomes:

Having completed this module, students will be able to:
1 Realise the importance of the patient’s condition to anaesthetic management and be able to apply general principles of safe anaesthetic practice, including analgesia, fluid therapy and use of gaseous anaesthetic machines, to small and large animal species
2 Use clinical and electronic monitoring to evaluate and correct systemic complications that arise during general anaesthesia and recovery
3 Take and interpret diagnostic radiographs in accordance with the radiation safety guidelines
4 Demonstrate understanding of the basic principles and resultant images of ultrasonography and other alternative imaging modalities
5 Have the skills to perform a basic post-mortem examination, to identify the relevant diagnostic samples, to perform basic laboratory tests and interpret these to formulate a diagnosis
6 Comply with Health and Safety procedures, relevant to all of the above outcomes
More detailed information is available on Brightspace.

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