VET30550 Professional Growth 4

VET30550 Professional Growth 4

VET30550 Professional Growth 4 150 150 Peter

VET30550 Professional Growth 4

Academic Year 2021/2022

This 5-credit module is a continuation of the stage 3 module professional growth 3. The aim is to enable students to gain an understanding of several professional/non-technical competencies required by members of the veterinary profession. It will comprise of blended learning including lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical classes, online resources, guest speakers and simulated client communication workshops. Communication will be the overarching theme early in the module; this will include communication in challenging settings, inter-professional and written communication. Cultural competency and diversity will be explored including a focus on conscious and unconscious bias. The importance of resilience, workplace stress and self-care will be highlighted. The later part of the module will focus on the business aspect of veterinary practice including personal and business finance, leadership, roles of accrediting bodies and workplace health and safety. Evidence based practice will be a recurring theme throughout.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Communication skills:
Use an appropriate framework (e.g. Calgary-Cambridge) to structure a general and challenging clinical consultations
Demonstrate effective communication skills with team members (verbal and written)
Apply evidence based practice to clinical scenarios.

Personal development:
Identify and appreciate diversity and cultural values to allow for effective cross-cultural communication
Identify potential risks for workplace stress and discuss possible management strategies
Reflect on the importance of self-care in challenging times (resilience)

Health and Safety learning outcomes:
Apply risk assessment to different clinical situations.

Business and finance:
Use a framework for financial planning to understand the overall role finances play in one’s personal life.
Apply financial principles to business financial situations.
Distinguish between different types of insurance.
Explain the requirements of a practice accreditation scheme
Recognize legislative and ethical requirements as outlined in the code of professional conduct

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