VET30480 Senses, Exotics & Crit Care

VET30480 Senses, Exotics & Crit Care

VET30480 Senses, Exotics & Crit Care 150 150 Peter

VET30480 Senses, Exotics & Crit Care

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module consists of a series of lectures and practical classes to cover the following topics:

– Exotic animals (medicine and basic surgery)
– Approach to small animal emergency medicine and critically ill patients
– Common toxicological disorders
– Common ophthalmological conditions in small animals, bovine and equine
– Basic medical oncology and surgical oncological principles in small animals
– Special sense organs, including pathology of sense organs

Aspects of the most common clinical conditions will be covered including pathophysiology, epidemiology, clinical signs, diagnostic approach / tests, medical and surgical management and prevention. Contributory material from all disciplines where relevant (microbiology, pathology, large and small animal medicine, surgery and therapeutics) will be included.

Learning Outcomes:

On successful completion of this module the student will be able to:
– Demonstrate knowledge of common conditions affecting the eye and ear and their pathology
– Recognise the basis for a complete examination of the ocular structures
– Describe and reflect on common infectious conditions of the eye
– Implement therapeutic plans for common ophthalmological conditions

– Outline basic handling procedures for clinical examination of various exotic animals, and methods employed to obtain appropriate diagnostic samples
– Obtain a relevant clinical history to each species and explain how poor husbandry may contribute to disease in exotic animals
– Describe basic mechanisms of disease, their clinical manifestations, prevention and treatment in exotic animals

– Establish an approach to emergency patients including triage, initial decision making and prioritization of diagnostic procedures
– Manage common emergency situations, including toxicological emergencies
– Recognise common techniques used in the monitoring and treatment of critically ill animals
– Describe the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of common complications in critically ill patients

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