VET30260 Clinical Extra-mural Experience

VET30260 Clinical Extra-mural Experience

VET30260 Clinical Extra-mural Experience 150 150 Peter

VET30260 Clinical Extra-mural Experience

Academic Year 2021/2022

Clinical extramural studies are participated in over the final 2.5 years of the veterinary undergraduate degree. They commence in Spring of stage 3 MVB and stage 2 Grad Entry students. This Clinical EMS component recruits 40 credits. Pass/Fail Awarded.

To have 40 credits/pass mark awarded a minimum of 24 weeks extra-mural experience must be completed in accordance with the specifications/regulations for clinical extra mural studies (EMS). All 24 weeks of Clinical EMS and assessment forms pertaining to those weeks must be completed and submitted by April 30th of the final year.

The Clinical EMS programme includes a minimum of:
– 2 Weeks Equine practice
– 4 Weeks Companion Animal Practice
– 4 Weeks Farm Animal/Mixed Practice
– 1 Week assigned for Meat Plant experience and assessment
– 1 week of the student’s own choice

With the exception of Meat Plant EMS, each EMS placement must be for a minimum of one full week per placement. EMS experience can be undertaken outside Ireland, although a % should be undertaken within Ireland. A week is 5 to 7 days dependant on the normal working week of the practice/establishment. Students are encouraged to participate in out of hours activities of the practice.

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