VET30090 Veterinary Clinical Urology

VET30090 Veterinary Clinical Urology

VET30090 Veterinary Clinical Urology 150 150 Peter

VET30090 Veterinary Clinical Urology

Academic Year 2021/2022

The course covers the aetiology, pathophysiology, pathogensesis, pathology and disturbances of function associated with diseases of the urinary system. The course also deals with clinical pathology of urinary tract disturbances as well as urinalysis. In addition, diagnosis, treatment and management of urinary tract disease in domestic animals is outlined as is the pharmokenetics of drugs used in their treatment.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this module, students should be able to:
Explain morphological changes, biochemical and haematological disturbances in animals affected with urinary tract disease and discuss the aetiology and pathogenesis of these
Describe the diagnostic techniques used
Recognise clinical signs; Analyse case-based scenarios; Apply theoretically preventive measures indicated in urinary tract disease;
Plan the clinical and surgical management of urinary tract disease cases and propose the appropriate pharmaceutical agents and therapies indicated for such diseases.

Indicative Module Content:

Pathology of the urinary tract
Clinical pathology of urinary tract disease
Infectious conditions of the urinary tract
Diagnostic imaging of the urinary tract
Clinical renal disease and management in large and small animals
Large and small animal surgery of the urinary tract
Therapeutics of the urinary tract

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