VET20050 Genetics & Animal Breeding

VET20050 Genetics & Animal Breeding

VET20050 Genetics & Animal Breeding 150 150 Peter

VET20050 Genetics & Animal Breeding

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module focuses on the genetics and animal breeding of farm and companion animals. It includes the animal genes; tracking pedigree Mendelian and complex; population genetics; quantitative genetics; heritability/selection; heterosis/inbreeding; molecular genetics of disease and the ways species are selected. It will also include the genetics of dairy, beef, sheep, thoroughbred horses, sport horses and companion animals.

Learning Outcomes:

Indicative Learning Outcomes:On completion of this module students should be able to:Demonstrate an understanding of the principals and mechanisms of genetic segregation;Give practical applications and examples of the molecular, Mendelian and quantitative gene;Apply their knowledge to diagnosis of genetic conditions in in food and companion animals ;Apply their knowledge to the areas of selection, breeding and indices in food and companion animals.

Indicative Module Content:

Mendelian Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, Animal Breeding strategies for the main farm and companion animals.

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