(Answered) Topic 8: Employment Law

(Answered) Topic 8: Employment Law

(Answered) Topic 8: Employment Law 150 150 Prisc

Topic 8: Employment Law


Explore practices a company must follow to ensure compliance with employment law.
Discuss the influencing factors that shape ethical behaviors and fair treatment of employees in the workplace.

Assignment: Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Affirmative Action (AA) are not required in today’s evolved organizational climate. EEO and AA enforce quotas on organizations that must be met during the hiring process, thus hiring unqualified applicants. Evaluate this statement. Do you agree or disagree? Explain.




Sample Answer

Employment Law

I totally disagree with the statement provided that “EEO and AA aren’t essential in today’s advanced organizational climate because they enforce quotas on the organizations that should be met during the process of hiring, thus hiring unqualified candidates.”

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) is free from discrimination based on protected classes like race, sex, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, or inherent information (Bowman Williams 2021). Affirmative action (AA), on the other hand, is an employer’s principle for proactively recruiting, employing, and promoting women, minorities, individuals who are disabled, and veterans. I disagree because every company deals with both the EEO and AA; yet, if the applicant doesn’t meet the facility’s requirements, the conditions of working, or efficiency rate, there must be no diversity whether or not the applicant must be hired. This should be a standard process following particular measures based on the laws of EEO and AA. As well, in relation to EEO, for instance hiring an attorney to pursue a discrimination claim is endorsed in the advanced organizational climate, as detailed procedures should be followed such as obtaining a Right-To-Sue letter from EEO Commission (HG.org Legal Resources n.d.). Affirmative Action prevents wrongdoing in hiring while a female or a male should be promoted, but I do trust that there should be standard actions for this specific manner.  Promotions and hiring must be based on qualifications, not gender, race, minorities, or veterans and disabled individuals.  If the job performance can be done by an individual concerning the company’s standard procedures and the qualifications met, then there must be no discrimination against anybody.

As AA may refer to a policy that’s intended to encourage the employment chance to different groups because of discrimination, there’re strict rules with any process of hiring, and well fit staffs require to be considered, not based on any form of discrimination and in this particular aspect I believe AA has evolved along with the EEO. An employer is required to explain their recruitment and hiring policies and promotional decisions primarily to all employees. The screening process must provide similar standards for all the employees applying for the same position in an organization.  This particular process helps contain both AA and EEO, eliminating discrimination.


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