(Answered) Topic 6: Performance Management And Appraisal

(Answered) Topic 6: Performance Management And Appraisal

(Answered) Topic 6: Performance Management And Appraisal 150 150 Prisc

Topic 6: Performance Management And Appraisal

Identify how the organization uses the appraisal assessment to align employee roles to organizational strategic goals.
Describe how to perform an effective appraisal interview including the appraisal tools and the process used.

Discussion Question:
The appraisal process is one step in identifying potential improvements or growth opportunities on individual performances. What is most helpful on a job analysis for designing an appraisal tool? What is the most difficult part in determining the dimensions to be appraised?

Sample Answer

Performance Management and Appraisal

Employee appraisal is an essential process within an organization that evaluates and records the worker’s job performance. The procedure helps to identify growth opportunities or potential improvements in individual performances. It shows the strengths and weaknesses of employees and provides insights into gaps in development. Looking out for employees’ roles is the most helpful factor in a job analysis when designing an appraisal tool within an organization. For an accurate proposal to be made, the appraisal tool should consider the roles played by each employee. For example, it would not be easy to appraise a nurse practitioner and a security guard using a similar appraisal tool. These workers play different roles within the organization hence are appraised using various tools and parameters. The appraiser should be familiar with the work of the employee being appraised. If the appraisal tool has clearly defined each person’s goals in their performance, it will contribute to the organization’s overall growth (Murphy et al., 2018).

The most challenging part in determining the dimensions to be appraised is deciding which one to assess at a given time. Competencies focus on abilities, skills, and knowledge relevant to the performance of employees. Input deals with the specific actions conducted or tasks performed by the staff. The result and output dimension draws attention to measurable achievements and objectives attained. Organizational citizenship behaviors focus on the activities that are over and above everyday job responsibilities. However, choosing the critical dimension to conduct performance appraisal in the organization is a difficult decision. The workforce must rely on an updated and accurate job analysis to determine essential dimensions to job performance. Regardless, managers have limited opportunities to observe their employees directly as they perform their job and evaluate all the appraisal dimensions (Murphy et al., 2018).


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