The Value of the Humanities

The Value of the Humanities

The Value of the Humanities 150 150 Peter

The Value of the Humanities

1. What is the value of studying the humanities in the field of health professions?
2. How might a topic such as art, literature, music, dance, etc. from other time periods enhance your career and personal life in the present?
3. Select one aspect of the humanities that is meaningful to your personal life and one for career. Explain how is each meaningful.
In addition, include a specific example of a work (a specific work of art, literature, theater, or music) that you feel is meaningful to your personal life and/or career. Explain the connection.

**I am an ICU nurse, use this for reference**
**rubric and textbook uploaded, must have access to book**

Sample Paper

The Value of the Humanities


Studying humanities is significant in the field of health professions. Humanities are interdisciplinary by nature. They enhance interprofessional and interdisciplinary awareness. Studying humanities helps healthcare professionals provide meaningful healthcare by breaking down power differentials inherent in health science disciplines. Studying humanities helps healthcare professions reconcile different world-views based on shared values (American Psychological Association, 2019). Consequently, they can function effectively in interdisciplinary care teams during care coordination and provide patient-centered care. They can also solve medical problems creatively by taking into account the specific patient needs and values.

Studying humanities such as art, music, and dance from other periods can enhance an ICU nurse’s career and personal life. They can help an ICU nurse understand the historical role of nurses and live a quality life by using art pieces for stress management. Some aspects of humanities that are meaningful to my career as an ICU nurse include beauty, mind captivation and hidden meaning. These aspects require to keep observation of the pieces of art such as paintings or dances to deduce hidden meaning. Gazing at art or dance moves can help an ICU nurse hone observation skillObservation skills re critical in the diagnosis and monitoring of the progress of ICU patients (Martin & Jacobus, 2018).

In addition, studying literature hones ICU nurses research and data analysis skills, essential in providing evidence-based care. Besides, studying art and dance influences nurses’ personal life. It helps nurses acquire cultural competency and use the art for stress management. Art gives nurses a meaningful life and helps them understand their world better (Martin & Jacobus, 2018). Art appreciation improves nurses’ quality of life, elevate their mood, and improve their ability to solve problems and manage work or personal life-related stress. An example of a work of art that has influenced my career and personal life is Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. In the play, Shakespeare presents the Nurse as a maternal figure, thus caring, loving, selfless and devoted to caring for her patient Juliet. This reflects the role of nurses a selfless, caring and concerned about the patient’s happiness. The play influences my role as an ICU nurse. I am devoted to providing the best care to my patients.



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