Take a moment to review what you know about health

Take a moment to review what you know about health

Take a moment to review what you know about health 150 150 Peter


Take a moment to review what you know about health. Examine the history and evolution of health in America. There have been many trends recently in food consumption and in food advertising and purchasing; shifts in medicine, pharmaceuticals, health care treatments and medical technology; changes in awareness campaigns of mental health issues and many diseases and syndromes; variations in body image acceptance throughout the eras; and many other shifts and trends in the popular definitions and aspects of health overall.

After reading the material in this unit on health, contemplate what you believe makes a healthy person. Consider the evolution of “health” in American history and what has contributed to such changes. What has been a significant influence on your definition and why? Research and find authoritative data and expert testimony to support what you believe.

You may use any of the sources provided or any authoritative sources you find on your own. Remember that there is a multitude of directions you may take in developing your claim. Just be sure not to focus on a generalization that reports on a broad health topic (for example, no obesity reports). Instead narrow and limit your definition of health to a few assertions that prove your point/definition. All claims should have a justification on how the issue/assertion has changed in our society and why; this will require a counter-argument that describes those who believe the opposite and why that argument/claim is wrong in your view.

Due Dates:

· Typed 4-6 page Rough Draft w/bibliography: Week 9

· Group Brainstorm for lab work: Week 9

· Peer Review on an assigned partner’s paper: Week 10

· Typed Final Draft w/bibliography: Week 11

Final Paper Requirements:

· 4-6 page typed, double-spaced research paper with proper citations

· Bibliography in any standard format (MLA, APA, or Chicago)

· Minimum4 authoritative sources (no general, non-reputable websites or encyclopedias)