Sustainable Logistics

Sustainable Logistics

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Sustainable Logistics

Add a Summary and Recommendations section to your Supply Chain Process Improvement Proposal. This section will summarize your findings and specify your recommendations for the organization you chose as the basis for your improvement proposal. Present a case for sustainable supply chains and an overall recommendation for improvement to the company you have chosen for this project.

Summary and Recommendations (600 words)

Provide company findings for improvement initiatives supporting a responsive and efficient supply chain operation.
Describe how the supply chain sustainment elements of governance, environment, social, and economic (financial) can impact the supply chain performance of your selected company.

Sample Paper

Sustainable Logistics

Company Finding

            Cisco has a strong background in providing high-quality goods and services globally. The company has diversified its supply chain to meet customer requirements while moving its networking materials and components globally (Cisco, 2021). The company is currently initiating new processes and systems such as optics, procedures, and software to increase its functionality while maximizing operational agility. Cisco is also improving its customer relations and supports globally, allowing customers to recognize the essence of technological investment in a robustly changing world market (Cisco, 2021). In addition, the end-to-end workflow system adopted by Cisco has played a critical role in meeting diverse customer needs while eliminating lapses in service delivery.

Supply Chain Sustainment

            Governance in supply chain sustainment will make it possible for Cisco to deliver goods and services to its customers located in different parts of the world. Good governance will ensure that Cisco has an established framework for communicating its programs and progress in the global market. Cisco governance will be critical in streamlining the supply chain process through collaborative planning, global policy-making, risk assessment and mitigation plans, performance expectations, and compliance metrics (Dolci, Maçada & Paiva, 2017). Through this, Cisco will track and report the supply chain measures for customers, suppliers, vendors, and company stakeholders. Governance will control the strategic direction and performance of the organization, thus serving the interest of multiple stakeholder groups.

Environmental sustainability will have a significant effect on the Cisco supply chain. It will entail considerations on environmentally specific capabilities by lowering the pollution penalties, resource wastage, and carbon tax. Cisco will thus produce ecologically friendly products, thus broadening its sales and popularity among environmentally-conscious customers (Govindan, Rajeev, Padhi & Pati, 2020). Even though environmental sustainability may reduce Cisco’s financial performance, it is critical in maintaining a good reputation for the company’s products and services.

Social sustainability in the supply chain will position Cisco in an excellent place to improve its performance by reducing the risks in the supply chain while improving stakeholder involvement. Furthermore, a socially sustainable supply chain will be critical in enhancing Cisco’s social performance by maintaining high standards of safety, ethics, equity, health, human rights, and welfare in the development, production, procurement, and distribution of its products, and services along with the economic considerations (Govindan et al., 2020).

Cisco’s economic sustainability supply chain will create a framework for the company to achieve long-term profitability. Cisco will effectively manage its resources by adopting recovery and optimal use strategies. Economic sustainability forms the foundation for optimizing supplier payment terms through supplier-chain finance initiatives. Financial sustainability in the Cisco supply chain will create a framework through which the entire system benefits all stakeholders, including the company, customers, suppliers, and procedures.

Overall Recommendation for Improvement

Cisco should adopt an effective and reliable supply chain network that considers the unique needs of all stakeholders. For instance, it is essential to adopt a system that ensures timely delivery, reduces delays in the border and maximizes the operation of the production team. In addition, Cisco should initiate sustainable supply chain initiatives to increase its performance in the global market. The company should also ensure regular audit of its programs and service to get an insight into necessary improvements and changes that should be initiated to maximize its productivity.



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