Spring-2222-NUR3846 NURSING THEORY/PHLSY-3176

Spring-2222-NUR3846 NURSING THEORY/PHLSY-3176

Spring-2222-NUR3846 NURSING THEORY/PHLSY-3176 150 150 Peter

Spring-2222-NUR3846 NURSING THEORY/PHLSY-3176

Reflection: The Future of Nursing Theory


For this reflection, submit your answers to the questions below and include the references as indicated.

This Reflective Journal will discuss the future of nursing theory, your current practice environment, and how to best use theory in the future of nursing.

The formatting must follow APA guidelines.

Use the following headings:


See the previous assignments for an example of a good introduction.

Nursing Theory Future

In the opinion of the student, what is the future of nursing theory? No reference is required (address self in the 3rd person).

Current Practice & Theorist

Describe your current practice environment (Magnet or Non-Magnet facility?  Which nursing theory is utilized in your practice setting?  If no theory is known, which theory would you recommend? Briefly describe the theory with a reference.

Teaching Importance

What is the student’s recommendation for teaching nurses about the importance of theory in practice? No reference is required.


This Reflective Journal should be at least five paragraphs along with one reference in the reference list.


You may submit this assignment via a file upload.

After you have reviewed the assignment instructions and rubric, as applicable, complete your submission by selecting the Submit Assignment button next to the assignment title.