Spring-2222-NUR3164 Discussion Board Topic: Study Designs and Sampling

Spring-2222-NUR3164 Discussion Board Topic: Study Designs and Sampling

Spring-2222-NUR3164 Discussion Board Topic: Study Designs and Sampling 150 150 Peter

Spring-2222-NUR3164 Discussion Board Topic: Study Designs and Sampling


Before you begin: Read the Directions for Modules 3 through 6 Discussions located on the Module 3 page. Once you know your group assignment and your student number, use the table below to find out which article you are assigned for this module. A reference list of all articles and complete references is attached to this discussion thread.

Then, read the questions that you will need to answer so you know what information to look for in your article.

Next, locate the full text of the article in the FSCJ Library and Learning CommonsLinks to an external site.. Articles can be quickly located by typing the first 6 words of the title in the search box on the Search Library Catalog (Links to an external site.) page. You must be logged into the student portal to access this page. Read your article to find the answers to the questions. Remember, you are the ONLY one reading your article in your group and it is important that you provide the information to your group.

Submission: Locate your group thread by choosing the Module 5 Discussion: Study Designs and Sampling link to the left. Then choose your group’s topic. Post your original and replies under there. The “Create Thread” button is hidden. To compose your original post, choose “Reply” underneath your group’s article and question assignments (so it stays under your group).

Formulate substantial replies to at least 3 other students’ in your group, including a comparison of the similarities and differences between the articles (for up to 10 points). Cite the source you are talking about within the first sentence and list the full reference at the bottom for both original and replies.

If no other classmates post an original, then pick a second article and answer two of the questions for it, including a comparison of the similarities or differences between the articles (post it as a reply to your own original for the remaining 10 points).

Grading: This discussion is worth 50 points toward your final grade and will be graded using the Nursing Discussion Rubric. Please use it as a guide toward the successful completion of this discussion.


Answer the following questions about your assigned article:

  • What is the study design and type of the article (descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental)? What is one strength and one weakness of this study design?
  • What is one element that could have been controlled better to improve the validity of the study? (review threats to the four types of validity – statistical conclusion, internal, construct, and external).
  • What was the specific sampling method used in this study? Were the inclusion and exclusion criteria clearly explained? Were the sampling method and inclusion criteria appropriate for this study?
  • Was power analysis or effect size (in QuanTitative studies) or data saturation (in QuaLitative studies) reported to verify the adequacy of the sample size?

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