(Answered) Roadmap for Future Success

(Answered) Roadmap for Future Success

(Answered) Roadmap for Future Success 150 150 Prisc

Roadmap for Future Success


Development of a plan for future academic success will help to maintain newly developed skills.


The student will have a reference to return to after the completion of the course. A faculty mentor and other academic resources will be identified, with a schedule for follow up work and meetings.


  1. Create a future written academic plan to be successful in the nursing program.
  2. May include a chart/grid/schedule with specific markers and resources and the student’s plan to use it.
  3. Paper should be written in APA format
  4. Use rubric for grading criteria

Sample Answer

Roadmap to future success

The nursing classes that have come to an end were a life changer for my life and the future. I learned about many aspects that surround humanity and bumped into new challenges. Nursing is an important course in determining human life. One crucial aspect that stood out for me during this semester is the need for prior planning as a guide towards undertaking my classes, discussions, and assignments. I am looking forward to adopting priority planning strategy guidance and ensuring the set goals align with the adjustments I need to make to reflect on my overall performance. As I excel academically, I am also sharpening my social and emotional skills to develop and grow holistically. I already have a draft of the guide towards the activities I will undertake in my upcoming semester and the various activities’ time schedules. I have looked at the requirements for advanced payment classes and First Aid training, as those are some areas that I plan to look into while progressing in my career. In the course of my career, I want to begin off as an LPN then proceed to become a Registered Nurse before earning the BSN.

Upon graduating, I am looking forward to sitting for the NCLEX examination to guide me in my career path. Once I am done with my undergraduate course in nursing, I am looking forward to engaging in activities that would set me apart for my future career path. Of significance is possessing a passion for my career. Of significance is being empathetic and gaining a sense of humanity while participating in the activities. I plan to get practical in the qualities mentioned by engaging myself in volunteer work in my neighborhood to help me build a relationship with the people I am serving. I am also looking forward to being a competent nurse by involving myself in the programs that the HOSA future health professionals. The program would allow me to meet with other professionals, and the cause would prepare me for competitions. My goals are long-term, but I believe in humble beginnings as I look forward to bigger opportunities. I am already in touch with the school administration to jump-start the goals as I have already booked a session with my school chapter advisor to guide me accordingly towards the HOSA chapter. I have already talked to six students who are willing to join me to start off the HOSA chapter in the next semester.

I have also set reminders and notes that would guide me in doing my activities in the upcoming semester. I have kept in touch with my professor and academic advisors, who are to guide me on my academic progress. Specifically, I want to challenge myself to engage in practical activities to boost my self-esteem and leadership skills. I have an organized to-do list that I plan to follow and tick appropriately once I have done the daily activities.

After graduating from Holy Family University, I am looking forward to enrolling in a master’s program. Specifically, I want to be a public and community health nurse to work with vulnerable communities to create change. I have requested information required to enroll in the master’s program in institutions like the University of San Francisco and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to know their academic requirements to align my academic goals with what I need. To wrap up, the nursing career is encompassed with engaging in versatile activities; therefore, the need to engage oneself in various programs to become a nurse fast. Achieving the aforementioned requires coming up with structured goals and adhering to the plans without failure to ensure constant and successful career progression. I am certain that goal-setting would give me a framework to progressively achieve milestones as I proceed to become a competent nurse.