(Answered) Review Chapter 3 in your Theoretical Basis for a Nursing

(Answered) Review Chapter 3 in your Theoretical Basis for a Nursing

(Answered) Review Chapter 3 in your Theoretical Basis for a Nursing 150 150 Prisc

Review Chapter 3 in your Theoretical Basis for a Nursing textbook to help generate ideas for concepts. Then respond to each of the following prompts:

1. Discuss how the development of relevant concepts advances the nursing practice.

2. Describe a phenomenon that you have observed in practice.
a. Explain how that phenomenon could be developed into a nursing concept.
b. Provide a term or name for your concept
c. Identify how this concept could be used:
i. to advance the theoretical basis of nursing as a science
i. in professional nursing practice, education, and research.

Sample Answer

How the Development of Relevant Concepts Advances the Nursing Practice?

            In nursing practice, concepts act like bricks as they provide structure for the practice. The development of relevant concepts advances practice by providing a framework for nurses to utilize in communication and service delivery as the professionals gain a better meaning and understanding of commonly used terms. Nurses become more aware of the importance of various concepts as they relate to practice. The development of relevant concepts is a major driving in quality improvement by enabling nurses to interpret terms with no ambiguity, ensuring that the actions are precise and directed towards a certain direction (Mohammadipour et al., 2017). Application of the concepts in practice becomes more effective and efficient. It is also essential in nursing research to increase the knowledge and competence of the nurses and applications of the best and evidence-based practice in the nursing profession. Concept development also facilitates problem-solving by promoting the description of the various phenomenon through concept definition, clarification, and recognition (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Nurses can therefore familiarize themselves with their field of practice and analyze various issues for specific outcomes.

A Phenomenon Observed in Practice and How it Could be Developed into a Nursing Concept.

            A phenomenon that has been observed in practice is the increasing need to provide quality care to patients and improve health outcomes. Healthcare facilities use patient satisfaction ratings to assess the quality of care offered to patients. However, participation of patients in the survey is low, with the majority of patients who do not participate have a high likelihood of reporting low satisfaction levels. Patients reporting low satisfaction levels also include patients requiring longer hospital stay (Perneger, Peytremann-Bridevaux, & Combescure, 2020). This is despite the provision of patient-centered care. Nurses are currently facing pressure to provide care that meets the needs and expectations of patients. Despite the efforts towards patient satisfaction by meeting patient’s needs and expectations, the end goal is not received. There seems to have a gap between what is perceived by nurses as patient’s needs and expectations compared to those held by the patients. There is a need for a nursing concept that focuses on individualized care to ensure that nurses meet the expectations of every patient.

Name for the Concept

            The current concept that is close to the phenomenon is patient-centered care. The need to provide patient-centered care has resulted in a standardized approach to health care. This may include and is not limited to involving patients in decision making, seeking family support, and communicating with the patient regularly. However, there is still a need to personalize care to each patient to increase patient satisfaction. This derives the need for person-focused care. The concept of person-focused care focuses on the whole person and an individual and will enable nurses to personalize care.

How the Concept could be used to Advance the Theoretical Basis of Nursing as a Science

            The concept of person-focused care can advance the theoretical basis for nursing as a science by widening scientific knowledge about a person in relation to improving quality of life. The concept can provide areas for exploration such as genetics, environment, lifestyle, and personal characteristics of individuals and how they impact health based on personal factors such as choices.

How the Concept can be used in Professional Nursing Practice, Education, and Research

The concept can be used in nursing practice and education to increase competence as the concept requires the accumulation of wide knowledge of people that provides the basis for better and more efficient recognition of health problems. The concept can be used in research as it creates the need for deeper research on persons as individuals and factors that affect satisfaction in people, such as their values and other characteristics.