(Answered) Research of an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues

(Answered) Research of an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues

(Answered) Research of an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues 150 150 Prisc

Research of an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues

Paper C: Topic Selection (Individual) and Research of an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues.

For the first part of this assignment, select a topic for individual research. Select a digital ethical issue for your research that is caused by the existing or emerging technology. Following is a link to some suggested topical ideas you may want to consider as a candidate for this assignment. Be sure to keep in mind that the technology aspects of this assignment are different from those of Paper A (Application of decision making frameworks to IT-related ethical issues) or Paper B, which dealt with aspects of ethical issues and a subsequent organizational policy.

Recommended Source: https://www.scu.edu/ethics/ethics-resources/ethics-articles/

The above link will help you to find articles on ethics in many fields and disciplines, please remember that the emphasis on this paper is on digital technology and the ethical issue(s) with its use

Topic Title – Begin with a topic title that describes what you will research.
Explain the reason for your topic selection briefly in a paragraph of at least 150 words. In addition, please determine three critically important questions you would like to address regarding your topic, in your individual research paper. Include a written description (100 words) for each question that includes why that question is critically important.
The objective in developing and posing these questions is to stage your research and guide your preparation of the final Research Paper, so that one or more ethical principles are applied and explained as a result of your research. This process helps you establish a thesis for your research.
Lastly, provide at least three proposed reference sources, at least two of which must be from the UMGC library database (or an equivalent academic database), which you plan to use to address (i.e., research) the three questions. These proposed reference sources must have external links. (Note: you are likely to find additional and even better references/sources as you continue your research for this Assignment.)
Remember: the emphasis on this paper is on digital technology and the ethical issue(s) with its use! Remember to follow all APA formatting requirements.

For the second part of this assignment, conduct research using the Web for the answers to the questions that you selected for the first part of this assignment. Please ensure that your research for this assignment addresses the ethical issues of an existing or emerging technology!

Prepare a minimum 4- 6 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to the Assignments Module as an attached Microsoft Word file. Indicate appropriate APA compliant reference citations for all sources you use. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style. Paper C is due at the end of the sixth week of this course Include a Cover Page with your Name, the UMGC/Name of the Class, and the Title of the Paper.

Sample Answer

Ethical Issues on the Internet of Things

Brief Description

The information technology professionals tend to relate privacy in the cybersecurity with the number of digital devices connected to the internet of things in the future. The topic of the internet of things has been integrated in the past two decades. Many managers in the organization have to make ethical decisions to protect a user’s private information. Data breach and disclosure cases have been rising in organizations with the growth of innovations. Many organizations in the world have experienced hacking activities due to poor security measures on the internet of things (Sidel, 2016). Recently, my friend was experiencing financial loss after hackers intruded on a personal bank account and transferred more than six hundred dollars. This is an example of a cybersecurity attack on the bank and personal account because it was done with the consent of the financial institution and users. This cyber-attack was causing many controversial questions on whether the bank should compensate the user or not. Also, my friend was at a higher risk of losing money. As such, there is a need to address privacy issues by encrypting phone number, addresses, and any personally identifiable information which could be used to gain access.

Background Information

Many privacy breaches issues in the current world make the biggest companies operate in an expensive niche. Small companies can go out of business when these issues remain unaddressed. The primary concern of this paper will be to assess cases where users give out their details like Facebook. In 2013, Facebook Cambridge Analytic was targeting celebrity accounts through iCloud hacks. Hackers cannot be regarded as having good morals when they violate the privacy of another person without making ethical decisions. Many staff working in companies like Facebook tends to make decisions that could make them lose their occupation (Sundaravadivel et al., 2019). A good example involves a banker who would wish to pay rent but does not fund to do so. An ethical approach to address this issue would be borrowing the money. On another side, It is possible to pull user’s information to apply internet knowledge to withdraw the money. Internet social engineering knowledge and skills are used by hackers to gain access to various bank accounts.

Three Key Questions

  1. How is data from users handled?
  2. What is a punishment put in place to discipline Facebook’s employees who breach personal information?
  3. What is the impact of the data breach on a long- and short-term continuity plan of business responsive approaches?


How is data from users handled?

The management of the company should consider methods of disposing of user’s details after use. Different types of ads sent to a personal email account of users and browsers which are normally used, should also be assessed. It is important to consider this question to know what type of information the organization discloses to the third party. Sometimes third-party groups can easily get access to the private information of users due to poor dispose of by the company (Jim & Mina, 2018). A research study shows that the Los Angeles Police Department LAPD encountered some ads on their websites, which has nothing to do with security activities. Some entity controls display of ads on websites with the permission of the department. It is not ethical for people to share personal information with other people for survey purposes. The sign-on document on a company website or account brings controversy when the user accepts terms and conditions. The Cambridge Analytica was not even in the Facebook company, but they could collect vast information through the internet. They could do this by sending some cookies to the user to have access to personal Facebook accounts. This caused the distribution of personal information to unauthorized systems and spaces, thus affecting victims.