(Answered) Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios

(Answered) Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios

(Answered) Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios 150 150 Prisc

Reflect on strategies that you can pursue in developing portfolios or portfolio elements that focus on academic achievements.
Review one or more samples from your own research of resources focused on portfolio development.

Post an explanation of at least two strategies for including academic activities and accomplishments into your professional development goals. Then, explain how those goals may align with the University’s emphasis on social change. Be specific and provide examples.

East, R. (2015)Developing a nurse practitioner portfolio ACORN: The Journal of Perioperative Nursing in Australia, 28(4), 35.
Response exhibits synthesis, critical thinking, and application to practice settings.
Responds fully to questions posed by faculty.
Provides clear, concise opinions and ideas that are supported by at least two scholarly sources.
Demonstrates synthesis and understanding of learning objectives.
Communication is professional and respectful to colleagues.
Responses to faculty questions are fully answered, if posed.
Response is effectively written in standard, edited English.

Sample Answer

Foundations of Graduate Study

In the nursing profession, it is important to build achievements, skills, and professional experience throughout the career. Documenting all the critical academic and professional details is important as it paves the way for achieving career goals. A well-crafted blueprint for a person’s academic success and professional development is essential in paving the way for goal attainment (Laureate Education, 2018). There is, therefore, a need to adopt appropriate strategies to ensure that all academic and professional achievements are included in professional development goals. One of the strategies will be integrating growth and development in my profession. This involves building on elements such as educational background, highlighting certifications received, incorporating employment history, and evidence-based accomplishment. This will be achieved by maintaining a resume that showcases professional and academic achievements. This helps to identify the need for additional skills that can be achieved through the utilization of available opportunities.

The second strategy is developing long-term and short term-goals characterized by a vision. Personal goals can be a source of motivation and a tool to review progress over time, including reviewing one’s position in the competitive world. A vision helps one to align their current priorities with future plans. With a vision, one can exploit current opportunities and resources for maximum benefit. The strategy will minimize gaps between academic activities and accomplishment and professional development goals. The move enhances both professional and personal growth, increasing one’s competitiveness in the nursing field.

Another strategy that I would utilize is the use of an e-portfolio. In a digital world, it is crucial to embrace the utilization of new and advanced technology not only at the professional but also personal level. Maintaining an e-portfolio facilitates tracking my academic and professional journey, and I can easily update academic and professional achievements through my career journey. I will be able to reflect on the goals that I have achieved. According to East (2016), it is important for one to take time to develop an application whose major part involves developing a portfolio to ensure all information is included and presented in an important manner. The e-portfolio also increases my professional network as potential employers can easily access the information and make contact. Having an e-portfolio will increase my motivation to improve and attain my goals. The major effort will be maintaining a positive self-image to create a brand.

I desire to be part of positive social change in the community. Influenced by the emphasis of the University on the importance and the institution’s commitment to positive change, I intend to actively participate in operations seeking to achieve social change.  Showcasing achievements related to involvement in community projects will be part of my portfolio. According to Burns (2018), any involvement in community activities such as participating in health screenings, volunteering services, and lobbying for changes in health policies are opportunities that can be added to a person’s professional portfolio. I intend to join the American Nurses Association as the association provides an excellent platform to participate in issues pertaining to the welfare of communities and drive social change. I can advocate for major issues affecting the community and address current and relevant issues. I can use various platforms, including political platforms, to advocate better policies to improve healthcare services provided to society. Membership in society also provides opportunities and resources for lifelong learning to improve on skills and competencies.