Quentin Cephus unit 4

Quentin Cephus unit 4

Quentin Cephus unit 4 150 150 Peter

Quentin Cephus unit 4

Identify 1 major technology friend such as data analytics decision support system telemedicine or tracking devices in healthcare that could be adopted by Healing Hands Hospital . Discuss the pros and cons of adopting this technology.

Sample Paper

Quentin Cephus unit 4

Technology in healthcare plays a very significant part. By using technology, the medical field makes discoveries concerning treatments, data collection, symptoms, disease and cure research (Cristea.,2020). Generally, technology has made the medical area very available to individuals. Based on technology Healing Hands Hospital can adopt data analytics. Data analytics is the science of assessing raw data to make inferences on that particular information. Procedures and methods of data analytics have been programmed to automated algorithms and processes that function over the raw data for human use (Ristevski & Chen., 2018).

Pros of Data Analytics

Data analytics, in this case, will grant Healing Hands hospital numerous pros. First, the patient care will be advanced. This is because the adoption of data analytics will lead to EHRs that will be important in collecting demographic and medical data to help healthcare professionals in their daily tasks (Hariri, Fredericks & Bowers.,2019). The second pro of this particular technology is improvement in the operational effectiveness of hospitals. Data analytics adoption will allow this hospital to examine the effectiveness of its staff members through analysis of the records such as rates of admission for the clients. Moreover, it similarly will reduce medication errors because the financial and administrative presentation in the hospital will be enhanced. The third significant pro is that data analytics will affluence procedures of defining cure for illnesses. Data analytics can complete data connections, helping find patterns in symptoms and prescriptions.

Cons of Data Analytics

Data analytics technology will have several key cons in Healing Hands hospital. First con is the risk to the patient’s privacy. Generally, the technology faces cyberattack risks that would lead to patient data loss. Additionally, this technology will weaken the doctor’s role in the hospital since many of them will rely on it for medical-based answers.



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