Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research 150 150 Peter

Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research: Design, Sampling, and Data Collection


Complete a critical analysis of a research article of your choice that supports your PICOT question from Module One. Be certain the article you select is nursing research, has been published within the last 5 years, and has at least one author who is a nurse. If you are not sure if the article you have selected is research, please place your question in the Collaborative Experience. The instructor will be checking this discussion routinely and will chime in when necessary. If you are still unsure, reach out to your instructor.

Please answer the questions using your own words in approx. 4-8 sentences.

Article Appraisal/Critique Questions

What is the purpose of the research?
Was this a quantitative or qualitative approach to research? Was this methodology appropriate? What is the research design?
Identify the population sampled. How was the sample drawn? Inclusion/Exclusion criteria? What were the resulting sample characteristics?
How were data collected?
What were the findings?
Discuss any ethical considerations.
What are the strengths and limitations of the methods used in this study? At least one strength and one limitation.
Rank this study on the evidence hierarchy and state how this level of evidence is useful for contributing to practice change given the strengths and weaknesses and its ranking.
**Please upload a word document in APA format with a reference list with your paper and a PDF of your selected article.**