PSY50230 Adult Clinical Psychology

PSY50230 Adult Clinical Psychology

PSY50230 Adult Clinical Psychology 150 150 Peter

PSY50230 Adult Clinical Psychology

Academic Year 2021/2022

The module is a clinical teaching module carried out over two trimesters. This is necessary to achieve access to relevant facilities, support and materials. Credits are obtained at the end of the second trimester once successful assessment is completed. The aim of this course is to provide an overview of major topics in adult clinical psychology. Common adult mental health problems will be covered and for each there will be a review of diagnosis, classification, epidemiology, aetiology and prognosis, assessment and formulation, an overview of the theory and techniques of common interventions, a review of treatment outcome studies, and practice guidelines.

Topics covered include

• Lifespan development

• Classification and epidemiology

• Clinical Neuropsychology

• Mood disorders (Depression and bipolar disorder)

• Anxiety disorders (simple phobias, social phobias, GAD, panic, OCD, PTSD)

• Health anxiety and somatoform disorders

• Eating disorders

• Psychotic disorders

• Personality disorders

The module also provides training in basic cognitive behavioural therapy skills for use with adult psychological problems. Post-graduates will review and evaluate literature and observe and practice skills through video material, case studies and role-play. • Introduction to CBT, assessment and formulation • Management of a typical CBT session • Techniques for eliciting, evaluating and challenging thoughts • Behavioural experiments • Schema focused approaches • Overcoming barriers and ending therapyThe course is to provide a grounding in psychometric instruments commonly used in the practice of adult clinical psychology. Demonstration and practice exercises for test administration, scoring and interpretation are used. Post-graduates will learn about the theories and techniques of adult assessment, including test selection, administration and psychometrics properties of commonly used psychological tests, interpretation and integration of test findings, giving feedback from assessment and report writing.

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