PSY40810 Recent Papers in Behav Neuro

PSY40810 Recent Papers in Behav Neuro

PSY40810 Recent Papers in Behav Neuro 150 150 Peter

PSY40810 Recent Papers in Behav Neuro

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module introduces students to recent scientific findings and trends in Behavioural Neuroscience via a series of research seminars delivered by academics in the field, and by critical analysis of recent papers in leading scientific journals.
The seminars will cover recent developments and research trends, and encourage student to think critically about the following:
1. What are the most pressing and pertinent research questions that are currently being asked in areas such as neuropsychology, cognition and perception?
2. What methodologies and experimental techniques are currently being employed to examine these questions?
3. What are the avenues for future research ?
4. How are research outputs best conveyed through different dissemination mediums, including oral presentation and empirical research papers?

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module students should be able to –

1. Critically evaluate and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of published research papers.
2. Identify research trends in their chosen field.
3. Have been exposed to effective visual and verbal presentation skills necessary to present research findings to an academic audience.

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