PSY40440 Advanced Research Methods & Stats

PSY40440 Advanced Research Methods & Stats

PSY40440 Advanced Research Methods & Stats 150 150 Peter

PSY40440 Advanced Research Methods & Stats

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module is designed for postgraduate students completing the Masters in Psychological Science, and aims to support them to develop their research skills to an advanced level. The focus of the module will be on acquiring the methodological and analytical skills necessary to complete a research project of publishable quality. The topics covered will include systematic review, as well as quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods design and analysis techniques. Teaching methods will include classroom seminars and advanced methodology laboratories, and students will be expected to complete set tasks and reading in between sessions.

Learning Outcomes:

When students have completed this module they will be:
– Aware of current debates and developments in the area of research design and analysis.
– Able to develop a protocol for a systematic review.
– Familiar with the design and analysis techniques used in evaluation research.
– Able to choose the most appropriate design and methods for a research project.
– Able to demonstrate skill in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of data.

Indicative Module Content:

Current issues and debates in research design
Systematic reviews and developing a protocol
Qualitative data analysis
Advanced quantitative design and analysis

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