PSY40400 Managing Change

PSY40400 Managing Change

PSY40400 Managing Change 150 150 Peter

PSY40400 Managing Change

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module will examine the process of managing change for the individual and the organisation. The purpose it to provide insight into the process of change and how to plan successful change initiatives. Issues related to identifying strategies for change, overcoming resistance to change, developing interventions for change and evaluating change outcomes will be explored in a variety of domains using experiential exercises and case studies. Cases from health psychology and organisational psychology will be used to develop problem-solving skills. Techniques for managing the the change process will be explored.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module students will be able to:-

1. Identify external forces responsible for change
2. Understand the steps in planning the change process
3. Explain why people are resistant to change and outline how resistance can be overcome
4. Describe how to develop interventions for implementing change
5. Identify the conditions for effective change
6. Understand how different change techniques can alter change outcomes

Indicative Module Content:

Issues are addressed through workshops which include face-to-face lectures, in-class group work, case studies and structured experiences (this may change based on public health advice re COVID-19):

1. Why is change difficult – cases and evidence from health and organisational psychology?
2. What is the process for change?
4. What is resistance and how can it be overcome – strategies from motivational interviewing (counselling) and organisations?
5. What techniques can be used to manage change?
6. How should change be planned?
7. What makes change effective and maintainable?

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