PSY30080 Psychology and Crime

PSY30080 Psychology and Crime

PSY30080 Psychology and Crime 150 150 Peter

PSY30080 Psychology and Crime

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module examines the overlap between theories and research within criminology and within psychology in order to examine the concept of crime from an inter-disciplinary perspective. Rather than being a course in Forensic Psychology, it offers a critique of the potential of such an approach. Gender disparities in offending, the efficacy of drug criminalization, and psychological aspects of the criminal justice system such as eyewitness testimony and jury decision-making are covered, as are sensitive topics, such as recidivism among child sex offenders and intervention with offenders.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module students should be able to:Understand the different domains of psychology, criminology and forensic psychology. Recognise the variety of areas where psychology can make a contribution to our understanding of crime. Appreciate the implications of specific research around problematic areas of the criminal justice system.

Indicative Module Content:

1/ Introduction to the Study of Crime
2/ Sociological theories of Crime
3/ The Economics of Crime
4/ Criminogenic Influences
5/ Women and Crime
6/ Crime, Public Opinion and the Media
7/ Treatment of Offenders – What Works?
8/ Mental Illness and Crime
9/ Drugs and Crime
10/ Interviews, Interrogations and Confessions
11/ Juries and Eyewitnesses
12/ Sex Offenders
13/ Offender Profiling

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