PSY20020 Child & Adolescent Development

PSY20020 Child & Adolescent Development

PSY20020 Child & Adolescent Development 150 150 Peter

PSY20020 Child & Adolescent Development

Academic Year 2021/2022

During childhood and adolescence human development is taking place at a phenomenal pace, with children learning many of the skills that are crucial to their current and future emotional well being, relationships and cognitive functioning. This module explores the complex biological, psychological and cultural factors that influence this developmental process. The module introduces and critiques the major theories of developmental psychology that underpin understanding of development during childhood and adolescence. Lectures span all aspects of child development from birth through adolescence pointing to important methodological issues and gaps in our current understanding.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this module students should be able to: Describe the main changes that take place in children’s cognitive, social and emotional development from infancy through adolescence. Evaluate the role of biological, psychological and cultural factors in development. Evaluate the major theoretical explanations of children’s development and compare these theories with one another. Assess the strength of the empirical support for the major theories of development and give examples illustrating the links between theory and empirical research.

Indicative Module Content:

This module covers a wide range of theoretical and empirical topics within child and adolescent development and usually includes (for example): brain development, perception and motor skills, memory, the ecology of childhood, prosocial and aggressive behaviour, parenting, adolescent identity and self esteem.

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