Principles to Resolve Public Health Issues

Principles to Resolve Public Health Issues

Principles to Resolve Public Health Issues 150 150 Peter

Principles to Resolve Public Health Issues

Describe how public health practice addresses health concerns locally, nationally, and globally.

Assignment Introduction:

Poster Presentations are a common way that public health, academics, health professionals, and researchers share their work at professional conferences and forums. Often, the posters have formatting and space constraints that necessitate your work be focused, precise, and detail oriented. Posters also highlight only important concepts and data, requiring the presenter to review, analyze and select the most reliable and impactful information. They require attention to detail, precision of language, conciseness, prioritization of information and professional polish. This assignment will provide you with an opportunity to practice these important, professional skills. Additionally, you will also now have a poster presentation template you can use in the future.

Prepare a presentation-worthy poster on your assigned topic. Use the provided poster template. Assignments should use evidence-based data. Do not alter the general look or size of the poster. Selected posters may be presented in the Unit 9 or 10 Seminar(s) and can be listed on your resume/CV as a presentation.

The following sections will be included on your poster: (additional details can be found on the poster template)

Overview of the issue: Provide an evidence-based overview of the issue, incidence rates, facts/data, and an image. Be sure your overview takes a local, national, and global perspective. See template for additional details.

Risk factors: Include the primary risk factors and the population at highest risk as well as an infographic.

Determinants of health: For each of the five determinants of health, provide evidence of how that determinant either is influenced by or influences the issue. Include a graphic. (Remember this influence may vary by location, so be sure to look locally, nationally, and globally.) See template for additional details.

Evidence-based solutions: Provide evidence-based solutions for prevention, intervention, and education as well as quantifying the effect each would have. (Be sure to include local, national, and global perspectives.) See template for additional details.

References: Use reliable sources and format them in APA format