PICOT QUESTION 150 150 Peter


1. Formulate a searchable clinical question (Use the guide in Polit & Beck (2022), p. 16-17.

PICOT is a method of formulating a searchable clinical question, the first step in the EBP process. PICOT stands for:

P: population (Be specific)

I: intervention of interest (Be specific)

C: comparison of interest

O: outcome of interest (Be specific)

T: the time it takes to achieve the outcome (OPTIONAL)

“A well-built PICOT question increases the likelihood that the best evidence to inform practice will be found” (Stillwell, Fineout-Overholt, Melnyk, & Williamson, 2010, p. 60). Use the PICO question template in the textbook to formulate your question. Remember: the type of question you are asking will determine the most appropriate type of evidence you will likely find.

2. From your question, select three search terms.

Your question should be submitted complete with the search terms you would use to find articles to answer your & searchable& question.


Name: Sara Adams

PICOT Question:

In adolescents, how does additional diabetes education in the form of mobile health applications compared with standard of care impact diabetes outcomes (fasting FBS and HGB A1C)?

Search terms:



Mobile apps and/or Technology

*Population of Interest: The population of interest is identified and is *specific. Intervention of Interest
*Outcome of Interest
*PICOT Question: PICOT Question is well-worded, makes logical sense and includes all of the components of the clinical question (time is optional)
*Search Terms: At least 3 search terms are included and logically follow the PICOT question of interest.