PH4003 Community Assessment

PH4003 Community Assessment

PH4003 Community Assessment 150 150 Peter

PH4003 Community Assessment

In the last assignment PH4002, you identified a public health problem that is occurring in your community, which you will use as the subject of this assignment PH4003.
Introduction (1 pages total)

• Explain the purpose of a community assessment and why you are performing it.
• Explain how specific social determinants within a community impact the overall health of the community (for example, high rates of violence, low-performing schools, or high incidences of teenage pregnancy).

• Describe the health problem that you are investigating.
• Describe any information that you have already found on the topic.

• Environment
• Size of the area
• Climate
• History

• Size and density of population
• Demographic structure of the population (e.g., race, ethnic groups, gender, age) both current and historically

Findings and Conclusions (1 pages total)

• Explain your overall impressions of the community and population.
• Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the community and population.
• Evaluate the well-being of the community and population.
• Analyze the safety of the community.
• Make inferences about which elements that you observed may contribute to the health problem with which you are concerned.

References (Page number varies)

Include citations for all references used in the report.