Personal Approach to Counseling

Personal Approach to Counseling

Personal Approach to Counseling 150 150 Peter

Personal Approach to Counseling

In this section, you will describe your personal approach to counseling. Please address the following:
1. Philosophy of Human Nature: Discuss your personal philosophy of human nature (e.g., are humans innately good or bad, what motivates us, what is the cause of stress and suffering, how does change occur, how do we grow, how does wellness occur, how do we function?). Address at least 5 areas of human nature. -suggested 1-2 page in length.
2. Counselor Role: Discuss what you believe your role to be as a counselor in the following ways:
Discuss the counselor role in terms of qualities important for building a therapeutic relationship (being non-judgmental, demonstrating empathy, unconditional positive regard…etc.). Discuss what role you feel a counselor should play in helping clients/students make changes, work toward goals, and overcoming obstacles. Additionally, address roles that are specific to your preferred future work setting (e.g., clinical counselors and school counselors will certainly share some roles; but, there are other roles unique to each position). -suggested 1-2 page in length.
3. Theoretical Approach: Select at least three theories of counseling (that you learned in weeks 1-4) that you could see yourself drawing from in your preferred, future, counseling setting. Remember to identify your preferred setting (in-home, outpatient, population, elementary/middle school/high school, etc.). Discuss at least three central concepts of each approach and explain how they fit with your philosophy of human nature and role as a counselor. -suggested 4-5 pages in length.
4. Critical Evaluation of Approach: Describe the strengths and limitations of your personal approach to counseling. Also address strengths and limitations for working with a culturally diverse population. -suggested 1-3 pages in length.

Case Scenario

After reviewing the below case, use your personal approach to counseling to address the prompts listed below.

Background: Jasmine is an 18-year-old high school senior that comes from a very close family, and in general, she feels that she can typically go to her parents for help when she has a problem. However, this time is different and she feel that she cannot turn to them for help with her with her current problem. Jasmine and her boyfriend have been sexually active for the past year without using birth-control. She was sure that she would not get pregnant. However, she recently learned that she was pregnant. Jasmine informed her 15-year-old boyfriend (high school sophomore), and expected him to make the commitment to marry her. He did not agree, in fact, he even doubted whether he was the father. Jasmine felt deeply hurt and angry over her boyfriend’s reaction and sought out some friends for advice. On the advice of a girlfriend, she considered an abortion for a time. But she decided against it because she felt she could not deal with the guilt of terminating a life. Adoption was brought up as another option by a friend, but she was certain she could not live knowing that she had created a life and then “abandoned” the child. Last, Jasmine considered becoming a single parent. However, doing so would certainly prevent her from traveling out-of-state to attend college. Her pregnancy is moving into the end of her first trimester, and her panic is mounting.
For clinical mental health counseling students image you are working at a non-profit community clinic and this high school student set up an appointment.

1) Values: What are your values as they pertain to Jasmine’s case, and how do you think they will affect the way in which you counsel her, if at all? Explain. -suggested 1-2 pages in length.
2) Presenting Concern/s: What do you see as Jasmine’s presenting concerns/basic conflicts (identify and discuss at least two)? How would you summarize the nature of her struggle through the lens of your personal approach to counseling? Based upon the concerns you identified, discuss which you would address first and why based upon your personal approach to counseling. -suggested 1-2 pages in length.
3) Strategies and/or Techniques: Drawing upon your personal approach to counseling, what strategies and/or techniques might you utilize when working with Jasmine and why (i.e., connect the strategy/techniques to theory)? Provide three examples. -suggested 1-2 pages in length.
4) Critical Evaluation of Approach: What limitations did you notice when applying your personal approach to counseling to Jasmine’s case. What where some of the strengths you noticed when applying your personal approach to counseling to Jasmine’s case. -suggested 1 pages in length.
5) Professional Compliance: With consideration of your work setting (school vs. clinical), discuss any legal, ethical, or professional responsibilities you might have as a counselor.-suggested 1-2 pages in length.

TIP: Review the rubric while writing each section of your paper. The rubric contains specific information regarding how your responses to the above prompts will be evaluated and scored.