Person-Centred Care

Person-Centred Care

Person-Centred Care 150 150 Peter

Person-Centred Care

Following your examination of the case study below write 200 words on:

1. Discuss how aspects of legislation are reflected in the provision of person-centred care (Approximately 100 words)

2. Review challenges when applying person-centred care including solutions for managing those challenges (Approximately 100 words)

Case Study Scenario

John is a 22 years old man with Learning Disability, with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Traits, and challenging behaviour. He came to Robertson Home in the local community having previously spent a long time living in a hospital. When given excessive positive regards in terms of increased social interaction and feel pressurised to interact with others or being amidst bigger crowd of individuals which occurred on several occasions during the past 3 months, this had an adverse on John behaviour and well-being.

John’s challenging behaviour has exacerbated and resulted in many episodes of running away from his present abode and support workers. On three occasions, he destroyed furnishing and equipment in his flat as well in the communal areas of his shared accommodation. Two occasions were recorded when John was lashing out at support workers and strangers when out in the community.

John, normally finds it difficult to negotiate day to day demands and his capacity to monitor and control his impulses are limited which can be exacerbated when he feels pressurised.

John’s behaviours were recorded on a daily basis and certain patterns were observed. Based on detailed records, a Person Centred Care Plan and a corresponding risk assessment was developed.

As a result, John was offered a structured day time activity programme which was developed based on his preferred activities:

· Going for walks and doing exercise in the local park with minimal community integration.

· Playing video games which John enjoys

· Going out travelling with support worker.

· Watching TV

· Enjoys spending time in the sensory room in an Activity Centre in his locality

The key objective is for John to be managed as part of a Person Centred Approach within policy and current legislative framework.

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LO1 Promote a holistic approach to person-centred practice  

M1 Review the challenges with applying person-centred care in own workplace setting


LO2 Review current policies, legislation and 

regulations in relation to effective person-centred practice

P3 Discuss how aspects of different legislation are reflected in the provision of person-centred care in a healthcare setting using specific examples