Patient Centered Environment

Patient Centered Environment

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Patient Centered Environment

Share an example of a situation in which a patient-centered environment was created by acknowledgment and consideration of a patient’s culture or diversity.

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Patient-Centered Environment

An example of a situation in which a patient-centered environment was created by acknowledging the consideration of a patient’s diversity and culture was when an 85-year-old Jewish man was admitted to a healthcare facility after suffering from a fall that resulted in a hip fracture. Because the 85-year-old patient was required to be admitted for at least a month to evaluate their progress, the environment in the ward and his diet needed to be altered to correspond with the Jewish faith. Based on the patient’s request, a Rabbi was allowed to frequent his ward to provide him with emotional and spiritual support, which was important during his healing journey. The 85-year-old patient was asked to choose foods that were in line with his faith and kosher law. Religion is one of the components of individual culture and diversity (Edgman-Levitan & Schoenbaum, 2021). Religion is one of the most ignored parts of an individual’s culture and cultural diversity in healthcare facilities in the US. Most healthcare facilities do not consider the spiritual beliefs of patients that can be considered during treatment.

As a result of not considering the spiritual beliefs of patients, health care facilities can therefore fail to offer patient-centered care or be viewed as being rigid and ignorant to patient needs (Wolowelsky & Shafran, 2012). The case study highlighted the healthcare facility identified that the patient’s spiritual beliefs played a significant role in their life and had a significant impact on their culture. The healthcare facility adapted and provided patients with important services that we are in line with their culture and which enhanced the patient environment to make it more patient-centered.


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