PATH40040 Erasmus Abroad BHLS Research

PATH40040 Erasmus Abroad BHLS Research

PATH40040 Erasmus Abroad BHLS Research 150 150 Peter

PATH40040 Erasmus Abroad BHLS Research

Academic Year 2021/2022

This module is designed to facilitate Biomedical Health and Life Science (BHLS) students to undertake an Erasmus research project abroad in stage 4 Autumn in a host institution and fulfil their learning outcomes and awarding of 30 credits for this trimester. There are three components and associated learning objectives included in this 30 credit module which will be undertaken as part of their Erasmus exchange.
Research Project: Each student will undertake a body of research in a biomedical area with a translational focus under the supervision of a principal investigator (PI). This will culminate in the submission of a minor thesis and make an oral presentation of their findings which will be assessed by external and/or internal examiners.
Journal Club: Students are required to attend a weekly journal club as part of their PI’s research group where they will review published papers and assess the approach and critically analysis the data generated and conclusions drawn. As part of the journal club that will select and present a paper relevant to their research area. They will also identify and discuss any ethical issues associated with their research and the paper discussed.
Disease area: The students will undertake a body of learning around a disease area that is available in the host institution relevant to their research project.

Alongside the academic programme, cultural activities and events are organised to enable the students to learn as much as possible about their host country.

Learning Outcomes:

Research project:
Establish and demonstrate competence in literature searchers and review.
Demonstrate research competencies through the research process; including the planning, review and evaluation of research protocols.
Interpret statistical techniques appropriate to their research approach and data.
Demonstrate a capacity for independent work, inquiry and problem solving.
Demonstrate an ability to analyse, criticise and make sound judgements within the work carried out.
Write up their work suitable for examination as a thesis and present it as an oral presentation.

Journal Club:
Critically review and analyse papers from the literature.
Present and discuss a scientific paper and critically assess its strengths and weaknesses as part of a Journal club.
Identify and discuss the ethical issues associated with their research and that of papers reviewed in the Journal club.

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