PATH30080 Disease Mechanisms & Pharmacological Principles

PATH30080 Disease Mechanisms & Pharmacological Principles

PATH30080 Disease Mechanisms & Pharmacological Principles 150 150 Peter

PATH30080 Disease Mechanisms & Pharmacological Principles

Academic Year 2021/2022

Disease Mechanisms & Pharmacological Principles (PATH30080) forms part of the core curriculum in the MB, BCh and BAO medicine degree and the BSc in Biomedical Health & Life Science (BHLS). The module consists of 4 four main thematic areas. These are (1) Basic Principles of Medical Microbiology, (2) Cellular Responses to Stress & Injury, (3) Innate & Adaptive Immunity & General Immunopathology, and (4) Core Principles of Clinical Pharmacology.

Learning Outcomes:

Theme 1 – Basic Principles of Medical Microbiology
1. Describe the microbiological characteristics of medically important bacteria and viruses.
2. Relate pathogen-specific virulence factors and host responses to the natural history of infection.

Theme 2 – Cellular Responses to Stress & Injury
1. Describe and classify the mechanisms and cellular changes seen in cellular adaptation/maladaptation.
2. Compare and contrast necrotic and apoptotic cell death.

Theme 3 – Innate & Adaptive Immunity & General Immunopathology
1. Describe the structure and function of the innate and adaptive arms of the immune response.
2. Synthesise the involvement of the innate and adaptive immune response in responses to infection and the
induction of immunopathology.

Theme 4 – Core Principles of Clinical Pharmacology
1. Describe the basic principles that determine absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs, predict the time
course of drug concentrations in the body, and assist in the design of therapeutic dosage regimes.
2. Explain the principles of drug-receptor interactions, understand the concepts of receptors and signal transduction
systems, and describe the basis on which receptor subtypes are distinguished.

N.B. There is a strong focus in this module on appreciation of clinical scenarios and you are expected to integrate knowledge from different parts of the course, including the self-directed learning aspects of this module, to solve clinically-oriented case studies as part of the assessment.

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