Organizational and Systems Leadership

Organizational and Systems Leadership

Organizational and Systems Leadership 150 150 Peter

Organizational and Systems Leadership

Prepare an essay 500-700 words describing the health system that you have selected. Describe the health system, the history, and developmental phases of the organization. Include the number and type of people who work in this system for example, the number of employees and the number of patients served. What are the mission, vision, and the values of your system? How are these things demonstrated to their clients and the community? How is the health system evaluated, and what standards are they measured against?

Sample Paper

Systems Leadership

Health system encompasses all the organizations, resources and institutions that produce ac- tions whose key purpose is improving health. The health system I have selected is Federally Qualified Healthcare System (FQHC) (Simon et al.,2021). FQHCs are the public health centers dedicated to serve individuals at-risk and the underserved populations. FQHC emphases on affording quality, safe, efficient, and reasonable health care in non-for-profit sector. This form of health care contrasts with for-profit hospital-based care system generally following social economical population that’s serviced. FQHC similarly has precise metrics required to guarantee the highest profit margin though unlike for-profit health systems, the profits are allotted and reabsorbed by health system itself to guarantee its continuous sustainability.

FQHC, Its History, and Developmental Phases

FQHC as a health care system was formed to make sure that the, Caribbean American, African Americans and Hispanic refugee farm workers of the Southern Miami Dade County and access to quality safe and reasonable health care in close vicinity to the community. This service wasn’t accessible in 1960S and 1970s in this particular area. Therefore, formation of this health system was organized. It began with just 1 physician, nurse and an assistant who were positioned in trailer affording health care services to this needy community. Presently FQHC has 750 workers of all ethnicities across over eleven states of art health center. This healthcare system serves roughly 80,000 patients in every year.

Mission, Vision and Values

FQHC has a mission “to provide safe, accessible, sympathetic and culturally competent quality healthcare services to individuals training next generation of the healthcare specialists”. The organization has a vision “to become a healthcare provider of choice for individuals in and a teaching center of excellence for the health care specialists. The values for FQHC follows I-Care system that’s built on Integrity, Commitment, Advocacy, Respect, and Excellence.

                                       Demonstration to Clients and the Community

FQHC reveals its vow to community and to clients via its 11 centers concentrated around the nation. Patients of are aware of organization’s obligation to area by multitude of services and events committed solely to the geographic areas. Clients are provided quality health care that has less or no cost payment preferences. Clients are in system that has one-stop shopping method that allows them use several services in 1 area. FQHC as well provides free transportation for clients to be present and return from activities and offers low-cost prescriptions. Additionally, these clients have admission to care services 24 hours telephonically for serious primary care requirements and 24 hours in individual access to critical behavior health based services.

Evaluations and Standards

FQHC is assessed by several accrediting bodies, like Joint Commission (JAYCO), Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Dept of Children (DCF), and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (AGCME) and South Florida Behavioral Health Network (SFBHN). Additionally, this health system is similarly examined and assessed by numerous funders who encompass several programs sources and services annual. Correspondingly, numerous operational and service focused rewards and credits are used for all fiscal years that then complete their own authorization process and the internal audits to outspread these designations. Finally, service delivery is estimated and rated by its clients’ shareholders and community member through surveys and emphasis groups. The standards are revised by respective auditors and are compared against same health care systems nationwide, the AMA standards and also evidenced based practices. FQHC is truly widespread in nature and bears numerous areas that may be assessed for probable change.



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