Organization Uses a Just Culture

Organization Uses a Just Culture

Organization Uses a Just Culture 150 150 Peter

Organization Uses a Just Culture

Reading Material
American Nurses Association. (2010). Just culture [Position statement].

Question 1: Post an explanation of whether your organization uses a just culture. (Organization is HCA). Then, explain how this might impact quality and safety for your healthcare organization, and why. What is the doctoral-prepared nurse’s role in supporting a just culture environment in a healthcare organization? Be specific and provide examples.

Sample Paper

Just Culture

Healthcare organizations require a strategic form of performing clinical practices. The nursing profession is a sensitive career that entails technical, theoretical concepts and sciences that must be enhanced to provide quality care. Based on these assumptions, it is clear that healthcare organizations need to exercise and adopt the just culture notion. This model helps health professionals and their leaders learn different techniques skills and acquire knowledge from diverse groups. Just culture recognizes the concept of human error. It acknowledges that anyone can make a mistake, but that does not necessarily mean that medical errors can be completely dealt with; instead, evidence-based interventions can help reduce such clinical errors (American Nurses Association, 2010).

A Just Culture in my Organization

I work at HCA Healthcare, which focuses on patient safety. This diverse healthcare setting incorporates different hospitals, focusing on acute care, psychiatric, mental health, and other conditions. It uses a just culture, especially regarding patients’ personal information and medical records. As an organization, we are determined to contribute towards a safer environment for both patients and their caregivers. The main goal for the organization is to provide quality care all over the various hospitals that it houses. Therefore, any misconduct in patient care is disregarded, leading to law reinforcement.

Impact of Just Culture in my Organization

Just culture is essential in improving health systems. For instance, my organization is accountable for the systems we design as a team and not necessarily individuals (Edwards, 2018). Therefore, it gives room for making corrections and working on our weaknesses as a team. It also supports the reporting and errors of only those that did not cause any harm to the patients. Individuals are rewarded for reporting, and this motivates the staff. My organization can increase quality and safety through such a dynamic strategy because the healthcare environment is friendlier and accounts for everyone.

Role of Doctoral Prepared Nurse

Doctoral prepared nurse’s role in supporting a just culture environment in a healthcare organization is to ensure a safe working environment that acknowledges errors in practice and gives room for improvement. The doctoral prepared nurse must ensure that all health workers in the organization feel comfortable voicing their views and getting responses (Tenhunen et al., 2019). For example, if a nurse gets to work late and probably misses a session, they should be treated with respect and allowed to express themselves. Such a just cultural environment also reduces mental health problems among nursing professionals.


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