onflict Management Styles Scenarios and Action Plan

onflict Management Styles Scenarios and Action Plan

onflict Management Styles Scenarios and Action Plan 150 150 Peter

NURS 2950– Nursing Leadership 1

Conflict Management Styles Scenarios and Action Plan

Instructions: First, complete the Conflict Management Styles Assessment to identify your preferred conflict management style. Then, read the scenarios below. Refer to section of the assessment tool “Brief Descriptions of the Five Conflict Management Styles” and your textbook (Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing Theory and Application, pp. 562-563) to respond to the Discussion Questions and the Conflict Management Resolution Action Plan.

Nurse Manager Pat

You are walking out the door of the ED at 6:50 p.m. when you remember that you haven’t made the staffing assignments for the next day. You hurry back to your office and realize that the permanent charge nurse Bill had called out sick earlier. Before selecting a replacement, you scan the ED physician schedule to see which physician is on for the early morning shift. It’s Dr. Nagib, an excellent practitioner, but very difficult to work with because he doesn’t consider the clinical opinion of the ED nurse when selecting a treatment plan. Bill is the only charge nurse from whom Dr. Nagib accepts direction. He’s able to reach an acceptable solution to any problem that involves Dr. Nagib.

You look at the schedule and decide that the direct care nurse Sarah is the best choice. She’s also an excellent practitioner who can quickly find a middle ground to a solution when it involves patient management and patient movement. With a sign of relief, you think to herself, “Thank goodness I remembered to assign charge. What a disaster if I had forgotten.” You pause as you turn out the light to your office and say to yourself, “I need to get back here tomorrow morning to make sure that Sarah and Dr. Nagib get off to a positive start.”