Nursing Staff Shortage

Nursing Staff Shortage

Nursing Staff Shortage 150 150 Peter

Nursing Staff Shortage

  • Analyze the critical role nurses play in improving care, as they are at the point of care
  • Summarize key points of the policy
  • Defend your stance on the policy using at least two current, scholarly resources in support of your position
  • Recommend at least two actions for change with regards to the selected policy.

Please find below resources to help with information

American Association of Colleges of Nurses. (n.d.). From patient advocacy to political activism: AACN’s guide to understanding healthcare policy and politics (2–16; 22–23).

American Nurses Association. (2017). Federal issues

Sample Paper

Nursing Shortage and Policy

Critical Roles Nurses Play

The issue of nurse shortages is one that has greatly plagued the contemporary environment. Regardless of the availability of nurses, it is imperative for the present practitioners to ensure that they carry out their ethical and legal obligation of tending to patients accordingly. Diseases are common in any given environment, and a major role of nurses in the provision of care for the sick and for the elderly. Nurses also have the role of educating patients on the health dangers that come from engaging in various activities consequently having them safe. It is also essential to have nurses advocating to minority communities that might fear getting checked on their conditions. Through advocacy, nurses can assist these communities overcome some subtle issues that may worsen if left unattended to in various settings.

Policy Summary

One policy that works effectively to ensure the distribution of nurses to ensure quality service delivery is the Public Health Service Act. In some instances, locations lack enough nurses due to a lack of educated practitioners. However, from the policy, it is possible to see federal funding for the nurses and consequently have qualified practitioners. With the federal funding, it is then possible to see an increase in the number of nurses stationed in various places. The issue of nurse shortage is then overcome through this. It is important to ensure that the federal government pushes more towards funding nurses for the sake of the existing nurses that suffer long working hours due to a shortage of nurses.

Defending the Policy

It is imperative to ensure that the policy is well followed and this is with regard to critical unforeseen issues. For example, the number of healthcare practitioners needed since the occurrence of the Covid 19 pandemic has increased. In order to effectively handle the rising numbers of infection cases, it is important to have a quality supply of nurses and the best means through which this can be done is by the government implementing teaching strategies for nurses (Huang et al., 2020). With an increased number of nurses, it is possible to overcome associated nurse shortage challenges and ensure quality service delivery in different settings. It is also critical to note that school nurses have a vital role in society. When these nurses are in school, they can assist registered nurses and consequently get an education relating to nursing (Maughan et al., 2018). After the identified school nurses complete their education, it is easy for them to get into the job sector without further training. The faster these nurses are absorbed into the practical environment, the better the situation for the issue of nurse shortages is no longer witnessed.

Recommended Change Actions

One selected course of change that would be good to witness concerning the policy is an increase in the number of nursing students that the federal government pays for. The government often limits the funding stating that it has to cater for other expenses. The more the number of nurse students that get nursing education the better the situation is in society with regard to the supply of nurses. The issue of nursing shortages can then become an issue of the past. Another important change involves the incorporation of more training facilities for nurses. With more training facilities, the faster nurses graduate, and consequently, the nurse shortage issue is effectively handled.



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