Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique

Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique

Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique 150 150 Peter

Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique

The purpose of this assignment is to develop Nursing leadership amongst colleagues which can advance the profession. Professional NURSING organizations create opportunities to develop leadership skills in a mutually respectful environment. Professional NURSING organizations advocate for lifelong learning, and Nursing empowerment as members of a shared profession. This assignment is an invitation to find an organization which fulfills your long-term professional NURSING goals.

This assignment meets the course objectives to develop strategies for exercising leadership in Nursing, promoting excellence, and being professionally involved in the profession to create nursing’s preferred future; and to evaluate the adoption of professional scholarly Nursing actions to develop standards of excellence across practice settings. Membership in organizations creates networking which leads to mentoring and role modeling of leadership behaviors. (A 50% grade will be assigned to this paper if attendance is not with a Professional NURSING Organization. Attending an INTERDISCIPLINARY organization does not meet the criteria for this assignment nor does attending a shared governance council within your organization).

A. Attend a meeting in your particular area of expertise; or if you are currently an active member of a Professional organization discover a different one.
B. Attend the meeting prior to the due date for this assignment.
C. Write a 3-5 page critique of this meeting using APA format for any cited resources and create a document which describes:
The Organization
Mission, goals, and focus
Examine traits of Followers and Leaders in the meeting
Conduct a brief interview with an officer discussing why they chose to lead? Were they elected volunteered? or selected? What leadership role would you feel comfortable in? Secretary, Treasurer, President, Vice President, etc.? What are the advantages of being a member of this professional group? What percentage of members are certified in this group (estimate or ask person taking attendance)? Would you consider joining the organization? Could you actively participate as a member? If not, explain why?

Sample Paper

Nursing Organization Professional Meeting Critique

My area of expertise revolves around roles of a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). As an FNP, I have significant roles in maintaining patient records, performing physical exams and diagnostic tests, recommending medications, developing treatment plans, and treating chronic and acute conditions and injuries that usually fall under primary care. After attending a meeting with American Nurses Association (ANA), a professional nursing organization, I am privileged to have learned many things that I am sure will fulfill my long-term professional nursing-based goals.

The Organization

American Nurses Association (ANA) is a leading organization representing the nation’s four million registered nurses (American Nurses Association, n.d.). The organization is at the forefront of refining healthcare quality for all. Established back in 1896 and having members in all the 50 states and the U.S. territories, ANA remains the most vital voice for the profession. As ANA represents the interests of all the registered nurses, it supports individuals reach their full potential.

Mission, Goals, and Focus

ANA has a mission to lead the profession to shape the future of nursing and healthcare. The organization pursues this mission through elevating nursing globally, engaging nurses to ensure specialized success, evolving nursing practice to transform healthcare and health. It has goals of achieving an excellent future of nursing and healthcare with a focus of adopting high standards of the nursing practice, promoting ethical and safe work environment, strengthening health and wellbeing of the nurses, and encouraging healthcare problems affecting nurses and the public (American Nurses Association, n.d.).


Membership requires one to join ANA, log in to My Account, and acquire professional liability insurance. Members are required to join for just $15 every month. These members have a significant advantage of access to only professional development chances and support from the nurses across the nation, therefore, becoming the best nurses they can be.

Traits of Followers and Leaders in Meeting

One trait in leaders was effective communication (University of Maine at Fort Kent., 2020). The leaders knew when to talk and, more importantly, when to listen. This also revealed how they cared by asking for the member’s ideas, opinions, and feedback. Also, these leaders demonstrated a decision-making trait to assess situations determining how an organization can move ahead. On the other hand, the followers had a trait of active listening, a process that keenly engages the listener with the speaker. With this trait, the followers were deeply involved with what was said. Also, these followers had a trait of being keen observant in that one could notice a keen power of observation and ability to capture and recall visual information in them.

Interview with an Officer

Question: Why did you choose to lead?

Answer: I chose to lead because I had and have ideas to enhance the work environment, which is a great leadership habit to sustain.

Question: Were you elected, volunteered, or selected?

Answer: Generally, I was selected by my team members in corporation with my supervisor, who was impressed by the way I handled things that signified leadership in me.

Question: What leadership role could you feel comfortable in?

Answer: According to my perception, I can be comfortable in all roles because I feel that potential in me. Although, if I were asked to choose, I would opt for a treasurer role because that’s a crucial role that requires honesty, trust, and transparency. I believe I can be entrusted with receipt, care, and fair distribution of funds as a treasurer.

Question: What quality drives you most as an officer and a leader?

Answer: I usually embark and encourage strategic thinking, action, and innovation (Eastwood, 2020). This helps me look forward and think of where the organization is heading.

Advantages of Being Member of This Professional Group and Percentage of

Members certified

One advantage of being a member of this group is continuing education (Hill, 2018). Membership in this professional group would be an advantage because the organization typically holds educational meetings that provide updates on members advancing to eliminate issues that affect them. Another advantage is that I stand a chance for mentoring programs. Mentorship offers the capacity to learn from someone who has experience for years. The percentage of members certified in this group is roughly 88 percent. This rate is high since these members believe that certification leads to ideal job prospects through improving professional credibility, endorsing expert knowledge, and establishing a higher competence level, all of which may lead to better outcomes.

If I Would Consider Joining This Organization and If I Could Actively Participate

As a Member

I consider joining the organization because there are numerous benefits I can achieve at the end, i.e., education advancement and chances for mentoring programs, among other benefits (Hill, 2018). As a member, I would participate actively since this participation would support me to understand my value helping gain self-esteem, increase independence to achieve social needs and reduce any loneliness I might feel.


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