Nursing Experience with Older Patients

Nursing Experience with Older Patients

Nursing Experience with Older Patients 150 150 Peter

Nursing Experience with Older Patients

What has your nursing experience been with people age 65 and older? What do you anticipate learning in the course regarding geriatric patients? Citation and reference are required.

Length: A minimum of 275 words, not including references
Citations: At least 2 high-level scholarly references in APA 7 from within the last 5 years

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Nursing involves health promotion, prevention of illness, and care of disabled, ill, and dying individuals (Karlsson & Pennbrant, 2020). As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I know I have a role to cooperate with the older adults, their family, and the communities to support a healthy aging, maximum effectiveness, and quality of life.

One of my nursing experiences with individuals aged 65 years and older is that they become more fragile following for instance bone weakness and chronic conditions that approach them. Sanders (2017) reveals that as individual’s age, more bone is broken down than it is replaced by the new bone. Therefore, the bones become thinner and more delicate as individuals age. Aging increases the danger of chronic conditions like dementia, heart illness, diabetes type II, cancer, and arthritis. These remain nation’s top drivers of disease, disability, death, and healthcare-based costs. The danger of Alzheimer’s condition and other dementias, for instance, increases with age, and these disorders are most common in adults aged 65 years and above (CDC, 2020).

The most significant thing I anticipate learning in the course regarding geriatric patients is tips on caring for them for excellent results. Generally, caring for elderly individuals is essential since it allows them obtain specified care that comprehends and considers their exceptional needs. Thus, for one I anticipate learning how to make care regimens that are person-centered. This can involve encouraging these elderly make their individual decisions on the type of care they get, when, and where they would like receiving it. I also anticipate learning how to create a safer environment, and that’s by ensuring an environment in which elderly’s lives encourages autonomy and independence and mitigates any danger of harm or injury.


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