NURS 6231: Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes

NURS 6231: Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes

NURS 6231: Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes 150 150 Peter

NURS 6231: Healthcare Systems and Quality Outcomes

Module 2 Assignment: Quality Dashboard

For this week, you will begin work on your Module 2 Assignment, which will be due in Week 8.

To Prepare:
Review the Community General Hospital Case Study presented in the Learning Resources.
Complete the Week 7 Discussion in which you research quality and safety measures and select 6–8 measures for inclusion in a dashboard for the Community General Hospital Board.
Review any feedback received in Discussion about your chosen measures.
Determine how you will display the measures in your dashboard.
Part 1: Dashboard
Using Microsoft Excel or PowerPoint, create a quality dashboard based on the Community General Hospital Case Study. Your dashboard must include 6–8 measures. Use mock data to represent the measures you have chosen.

Part 2: Written Summary
To accompany your dashboard, write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:

Identify the 6–8 quality measures you have chosen for your dashboard.
Explain why these measures are important to the organization.
Analyze how the Triple Aim/Quadruple Aim is represented in your chosen measures.
Explain how you displayed the measures. Justify your choice of display.
Provide a strategy for communicating the dashboard throughout the organization.
Explain how the dashboard could be used as a leadership tool to improve patient outcomes.
By Day 7 of Week 8

Suppose you needed to make sense of data. You were faced with either multiple sheets of numbers and text or one page of collated graphs and charts representing the data. Which would you choose? If you are a visual learner, you may prefer the latter.

Because they are visually appealing and contained, dashboards can provide a quick snapshot of key quality measures. Recalling our previous example of patient falls, with a dashboard a nurse executive would be able to organize the falls by patient condition and time of day. The visual display would help the nurse executive trace any trends and consider relationships between the identified factors, thus advancing her organization’s commitment to safety and the Triple Aim/Quadruple Aim.

Now that you have selected, justified, and refined your quality measures from last week, this week you can consider how to display them in a dashboard. This week, you will do so as part of your Module 2 Assignment.

Learning Objectives
Students will:

Evaluate priority areas for healthcare quality measurement
Analyze the influence of the Triple Aim/Quadruple Aim for prioritization of measures
Create a quality dashboard
Justify choice of visual display
Recommend strategies for communicating dashboard data in healthcare organizations