NURS 591L Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary

NURS 591L Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary

NURS 591L Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary 150 150 Peter

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NURS 591L Weekly Clinical Practicum Activity Summary/Reflection Log

Weekly practicum activity summaries and reflections to be submitted for review are to be typed, grammatically correct, and error free.

Weekly practicum activity summaries should include:

1. Stated weekly focus and learning objectives.

2. Summary of planned or completed activities.

3. Discussion of technology, evidence-based practice, and other advanced practice role implementation issues studied during the week.

4. Reflection on the week’s learnings and implications for your own nursing practice.

Students will receive feedback from faculty regarding their weekly personal learning objectives, activities, and reflections. The purpose of weekly clinical practicum activities and summaries is to expose the MSN nursing student to advanced practice roles and their effect on health care.

Template for Weekly Practicum Activity Summary

Directions: Submit a three- to five-page summary of each week’s activities using the template below. If an interview is conducted, also attach the list of interview questions used.


Week #_ Focus:

1. My personal learning objectives this week (list):




2. Summary of planned/completed activities:

3. Discussion of issues identified and studied this week: Include two or more citations from relevant literature using APA 6th ed. format.

4. Reflection on your own learning for the week and implications for your nursing practice: