NURS 4455 Nursing Leadership Assignment

NURS 4455 Nursing Leadership Assignment

NURS 4455 Nursing Leadership Assignment 150 150 Prisc

NURS 4455 Nursing Leadership Assignment

NURS 4455 Nursing Leadership Assignment

Module 4 Quiz

Question 1Think of a leader who espoused one message and then acted in a different manner. How did it affect the leader’s ability to be an effective leader? How did it change how you personally felt about the leader? Do you feel that leaders who have lost their “authenticity” can ever regain the trust of their followers?

Question 2 Has there been a situation during your career when you made a communication error? If so, how did you resolve it?

NURS4455 Nursing Leadership and Management

What is leadership and management in nursing?
What is nursing leadership and management? Nursing leadership and management refer to the roles of nursing professionals who direct nursing staff, oversee the organizational structure of medical processes and lead nursing teams in providing patient care.

What is the Most Important Skill for a Nurse Leader?
While many leadership qualities in nursing can naturally benefit a nurse leader throughout their career, the willingness and ability to learn new skills will help them succeed in their nurse leadership role. For example, nurses are not always prepared for managing budgets, utilization goals, quality metrics, yet these are critical components of a nurse leader’s role. Effective leadership and management in nursing requires the will and capacity to quickly adapt in whatever way they can to succeed (mentorship, additional education and training, etc.). If we ask, “what is the most important skill of the nurse leader?” one all-encompassing answer might be agility.

Agility as Nursing Leadership Skill: Of all the leadership skills in nursing, agility allows a nurse leader to implement rapid changes that will benefit the organization without sacrificing momentum or losing sight of the overall vision/goal. Aside from the constant flux in healthcare processes (changing regulatory requirements, new evidence-based standards, updates to reimbursement policies), nurses have more and more options for in their careers rather than traditional bedside nursing. Nursing leaders must be agile in adapting to not only new processes in the nursing industry, but also flexible and forward thinking enough to effectively lead nurses that will be in the field for many years to come. This will bring a new set of unpredictable challenges and opportunities.

Additionally, a truly agile nurse leader will be prepared to take on the growing number of paths in their own career. With opportunities to impact patient care on a global level through policymaking, research studies, or new impactful initiatives across the care continuum—agile nurse leaders that are comfortable with thriving during times of unpredictably see the potential for greatness whereas others may see instability as a hindrance.

What additional practice behaviors do you believe describe an effective nurse leader?